Biological information
Host Human
Physical description
Height 8'
Weight 370 lbs.
Distinctions Various head-dome forms
Chronological and political information
Appearances Aliens
Alien vs. Predator
Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem
Portrayed by

The Warrior is one of the primary assault organisms of the Xenomorphs. It is fast, reasonably tough, and a savage combatant. Even in death the Warrior is dangerous, bursting apart when killed and drenching nearby enemies in acid.


After progressing through the Chestburster phase, the Warrior stands at around eight feet in height, taller than a Yautja and about 14-16 feet long tail included. It is black in color, with a long, segmented tail and a secondary set of jaws inside its mouth; which it can use to maim or kill prey. They are shown to possess incredible strength, enough to break down metal pressure doors. Warriors can blend into the surrounding spaces in their hives; and other terrain making them hard to detect until moving, although other Xenomorph can do this as well. The most visible difference that Warriors have from other Xenomorphs is the ridged head. The head carapace is also harder than that of Drones, able to ram into targets and capable of knocking an armored Yautja Hunter away.

When an Alien Warrior is killed by weapons that cause massive physical trauma, its pressurized bloodstream causes the creature to explode, showering the surrounding area with molecular acid. If it is hit with Napalm weaponry, which will leave a chard mass, or high powered energy weapons that produce lots of heat, it will cause the acid to turn into a extremely toxic vapor that is lethal if breathed in and lethal to the ozone. Their acidic blood is capable of causing severe injury to humans; with several characters in the films being injured or killed by being too close to a dying Warrior. In Alien: Resurrection, Aliens are shown to be aware of their blood's acidity; two Aliens kill another in order to melt a hole through a floor and escape imprisonment. Also in AVP, Grid swings his mutilated tail at the Predator Celtic, spraying his chest plate with acid, and also participates in freeing the queen with a few other warriors by by cutting into the queen with their inner jaws, allowing her acidic blood to melt through the chains and free her. There is some debate as to whether these are really warriors, however, it is generally assumed they are Drones due to their smooth carapace.

The warrior's tail has also changed throughout the series; in the original films it ended in a small barb, while more recent versions have shown much larger blades. They can use the tail to propel themselves through water. In some cases, the Warrior can evolve into a different form, in this form it has very large bladed on the top and bottom of the tail, with large blades on the elbows and caffs as well.

Warriors are shown to be extremely agile; capable of navigating through vents, up walls, and navigating large areas swiftly. They also have an astonishing leaping ability.


Standard WarriorEdit

There is no true "standard" Warrior as the design seen in James Cameron's Aliens are universally called "Warriors" though sometimes even drones but with so many designs done to it and the different origins in comics and games etc.there are now different types in designs, The "Standard" Warrior stands 8 feet in height, and (in most cases), have a ridged dorsal skull dome. They mostly appear molted brown or black-blue but recently have been shown to be completely black. Specimen 6 seems to be a dark blue, according to her poster. a few Warriors in the movie Aliens were a little different to the others as they had different forearms, this is clearly seen with the warrior that takes Newt. In the newest game the Warrior skin is based on the variation of Alien found mostly found during the course of single player campaigns. They are based on James Cameron's design of the Alien used in Aliens .

Smooth-dome WarriorEdit


First seen in AVP, Grid and it's other Human-spawned siblings have smooth, black domes all throughout the movie. Never once is a ridged Alien seen.

In the new 2010 Aliens vs. Predator game, a skin called "Warrior Dome" depicts a warrior with a smooth black head. From this it can be assumed the type of Dome an Alien has depends on that individual Alien. Presumably, this warrior was based on the Aliens in AVP, like Grid.

Ridged-dome WarriorsEdit


While the Warrior is already ridged (most of the time), they have a somewhat different appearance In AVP-R. Their ridges are more exaggerated and rugged, possibly due to it's Predalien parent (though the Strausses insist no residual Predator traits transferred from the Predalien to it's young). They also have the metallic look from the Aliens in the first AVP film. So far this variant of warrior has appeared in AVP-R and as a skin in the Aliens vs Predator 2010 video game. And assuming the Predalien didn't sire these versions of the Warriors, their head still aren't as heavily ridged.


Aliens, including Warriors are quite intelligent because of the human traits acquired by their host species. They do possess some ability to plan and adapt; for example, they were capable of cutting power to certain areas, find openings in their opponents' defenses to exploit, and manage to sneak up on victims even when on guard and at full alert. They display high degrees of aggression and will attack any non-xenomorphic life forms they encounter.

Additionally, it seems that intelligence and abilities vary between Warriors, as evidenced by Alien vs. Predator. The Grid Alien was capable of single-handedly defeating two Predators, and seemed to be a leader amongst the Warriors when they broke the Queen free.

Difference between Drones & WarriorsEdit

Smooth head "drones" and ridged head "warriors" never appear in the same film, (drones not appearing at all in AVP or AVP-R, as their Merchandise suggests) serving different roles in the Alien hive. Instead, they fill the same workhorse role respectively in Aliens, Alien Resurrection, AVP and AVP-R. It has been theorized that the ridged structure may be simply a sign of aging or maturity.

The warrior caste is simply just larger and stronger than the drone caste. This and various other traits, such as their color and temperment, is a way to tell a warrior from a drone.

The smooth head Alien and the ridged both come from humans (in the films) and the only known thing to affect an Alien's "caste/appearance" is the host type (bipedal or quadrupedal species etc) so warriors being an older drone is very likely. The xenomorphs were active for weeks in Aliens but in Alien it was only alive for hours or perhaps a day.

In the AVP films the Alien's life cycle had been altered and sped up. Ridged head Warriors didn't appear in the first film but they did in the second film and it should be noted that these warriors looked far different to the ones seen in Aliens. The smooth heads were not seen at all in AVP-R but the exact timing between chestburster and warrior is unknown in the film. In AVP the pyramid shifted every ten minutes and so one could tell the timing of the alien's life cycle, In AVP-R however you could not, Any number of minutes or hours could have passed in between the scenes of chestburster to alien warrior and due to the alien warrior's new appearance it could be what it looks like between the dome headed alien and the xenomorph from Aliens.


  • Some believe that Warriors are adult Drones.
  • Warriors are known to be excellent swimmers.
  • The design was created because using a multiple Dome varient in the filming of Aliens would have been incredibly difficult due to cracks and dents.