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The UD4L Cheyenne craft is dropped from the belly of most USCM transports and is used to carry troops and provisions to other planets. The dropship's weapons appears to be a missile payload in its wings and vulcan cannon on its nose. They also carry the APCs.


  • The Cheyenne's legacy includes providing a hefty amount of inspiration to the game development company Bungie resulting in the famous Pelican dropships which draws many features from the Cheyenne.
  • The Cheyenne also inspired the Quantradyne APOD-33 dropships of StarCraft fame; in fact, the pilots seen in StarCraft are directly inspired by Ferro, the dropship pilot seen in Aliens.
  • The UD4L Cheyenne Dropship may also be used a gunship for the Marines' support. This is shown in AVP 2, where some of the dropships unfolds their rocket pods and fires at Aliens/Predators. Also, in AVP 3, during the player's trek through the jungle as the Rookie, you have to signal the Cheyenne designated Typhoon and it is fired upon most likely by Dark (the Predator player character) or another hunter; Typhoon is seen unfolding it's rocket pods and firing on the canopies in an attempt to kill the shooter.