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The Abomination
Biological information
Host Predator
Caste Predalien
Physical description
Distinctions Highly-resistant exoskeleton
Chronological and political information
Status Deceased
Portrayed by

"The Abomination" was a mocking nickname given to an individual Predalien by Elite Predator Spartan. It served as the main antagonist of the Predator Campaign in the Aliens vs. Predator 2010 video game.



During a battle between humans, Predators and Xenomorphs on planet BG-386, an Elite Predator confronted a Xenomorph Warrior, known as Specimen 6, in an ancient combat arena (after she had previously killed two of his brothers.) Specimen 6 was instructed by her Queen, the Matriarch, not to kill the Predator, but to weaken him. After a struggle, the Elite managed to knock Six down and prepared to finish her off, but was taken by suprise when Six raised her tail and stabbed the predator.

The Predator collapsed, stunned from Six's attack. Six then removed his mask as a facehugger crawls up the predators body, after a short struggle from the predator, the facehugger leapt onto his face, successfully molesting him and impregnating him with the abomination. Specimen 6 proceeds to hold the predators arms down presumably to prevent him from activating the self destruct from his wrist brace and lets out a victory cry as six sits atop the defeated predator. The Matriarch's Hive faced a dire setback when a Colonial Marine known as the Rookie killed the Queen. Although Specimen 6 was momentarily stunned and captured by Weyland-Yutani corporation with the loss of the hive mind, the Predalien apparently managed to survive the shock.

The Hunt for the Abomination[]

The Abomination soon started to attack the human colonists of the Freya's Prospect and the Colonial Marines on the planet with its human-spawned Xenomorph siblings. At one such battle, two marines were able to drive the Abomination off, which then retreated to a Refinery of the Freya's Prospect. The marines' victory was short lived, however, when Elite Predator Dark attacked and killed them, before they could provide the information about the new breed of Xenomorph to other marines. Dark continued his travel to the Refinery, where he spotted the Abomintaion for the first time while it was "de-spining" the body of a dead Marine. The Abomination roared at the hunter and then retreated inside the structure of its hive before Dark could take any action against it.

Fight to the Death[]

Finally, the Abomination confronted Dark, the Predator it happened to view leering at it from earlier. With the missed chance of killing the The Matriarch, Dark was now willing to make this creature his prize after he had set an ancient wrist bracer, on the coffin of his great ancestor, to self-destruct. The two creatures battled in an atrium flooded with molten lava until Dark killed the Abomination and emerged victorious. Then he managed to climb to the top of the pyramid with the the dead body of the Abomination, roaring in triumph and promptly throwing it to the bottom (instead of claiming a part of it's body, possibly hinting disgust at the thought of it as trophy). It is not known what happened to the creature's body, but it was most likely destroyed in the blast.


The Predalien was able to swim in magma for a short while and had the habit of ripping the skull and spine out of humans, it was durable enough to resist a blast from a plasma caster near point-blank without any visible damage. Like other Predaliens before it, it had a different design, this one had a more predator-like appearance to it.