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Specimen 6
Biological information
Host Human
Caste Standard Xenomorph Warrior, later transforms into a Queen
Physical description
Height 8'0"
Distinctions Number “6” branded on its forehead
Chronological and political information
Status Alive
Appearances Aliens vs. Predator
Portrayed by

Specimen 6 is a Warrior caste Xenomorph with a numeral 6 branded into the front of its head. It is the main protagonist of the Alien Campaign in the 2010 video game Aliens vs. Predator.



Specimen 6 was the sixth Xenomorph birthed in a controlled environment by Dr. Groves under Karl Bishop Weyland’s orders. Having gestated inside a human host (a restrained technician), Specimen 6 birthed into a containment tube along with one other Chestburster. While the scientists entered the room to retrieve the Chestbursters, Six burrowed back inside its host and emerged from the mouth to escape captivity. Dr. Groves promptly activated the coolant systems, killing the scientists and neutralizing Specimen 6.

Groves might have killed the Alien had Weyland not interrupted, stating: “No, Dr. Groves. I want it alive. I like this one.” Six was placed in a metal harness and branded with the number “6” on its forehead, earning its namesake. Over the course of time, Specimen 6 grew to maturity and was subjected to numerous tests designed to explore its lethality, including being allowed to kill technicians and an armed security guard. During one such test, Six heard the call of the captured Matriarch and attempted to escape, but was gassed and recaptured by Groves.


When Weyland finally opened the Yautja Pyramid, a powerful electro-magnetic shockwave, originating from the pyramid itself, struck the facility and the nearby colony, disabling the security systems inside the facility and consequently allowing Specimen 6 to slip out of its harness and kill a scientist who was trapped inside the room by Dr. Groves. Six then escaped through a vent in the ceiling and worked its way into another holding facility where it found five more of its siblings and freed them by smashing the nearby console.

Once free, the Xenomorphs swarmed the security teams and slaughtered any scientists in their way, escaping into vents and ducts wherever they could find them whilst a few were gunned down by the automated turret guarding the corridor. Six followed the ventilation shafts to the security room overlooking the Queen’s chamber, killing the two guards and shutting down the power to her highness’s restraints. Specimen 6 then opened the main tramline doors, allowing it and the other Warriors to escape into the jungle.

Battling the Marines and Predators[]

The Xenomorphs made their way to the colony and built a nest deep within the reactor core where it was the hottest and most comfortable place for the Queen to start laying her eggs. Dozens of colonists were captured and impregnated by facehuggers while the security force was wiped out altogether. It was not long before several squads of Marines arrived, however, and attempts to drive out the Alien infestation began. Whilst sleeping in a vent inside the reactor’s wind tunnels, Six was awoken by the alarm on a broken fuse box and emerged.

Having also heard the alarm, a small team of marine scouts decided to investigate but were swiftly killed by Specimen 6, despite their attempts to flush it out with flamethrowers. Six made its way through the maze of tunnels, climbing up a ventilation shaft until finding its way into a colony building where it encountered more marines and several civilians, killing and harvesting them all. It eventually found its way into a cargo room where it attacked a technician whilst another fled to the security room (If Six chooses to force open the door, then the technician will commit suicide in order to avoid being harvested. But if Six chooses to use a nearby vent, then Six can sneak behind the technician and impregnate him with a facehugger before he can commit suicide.).

Six then followed a shaft to a large wind tunnel and, after witnessing one of its siblings being carved by powerful fan blades, sprinted to the floor and into the underground tunnel sections of the facility. Specimen 6 encountered more marines and workers before making her way to the outside. Sometime later, Six found its way into the jungle and infiltrated a marine outpost, killing everyone inside and continuing out into the swamp where it discovered a radio tower and disabled it, cutting off the humans’ communications in that section.

A search party of marines were sent to investigate, leaving the main doors for their compound open, allowing Specimen 6 to enter the compound and harvest the civilians inside. Three marines succeeded in luring Six into a trap by using one of them as bait to lock the Xenomorph inside a bungalow flooded with light. Six smashed the lights and quickly fled the bungalow when the marines opened a door to engage the Alien. It then systematically killed every marine that was stationed inside the control building before proceeding inside.

Inside, a technician was working to restore power to the defence grid but blew himself up when he saw Six approaching. The Alien destroyed the console controlling the west gate and managed to evade the marines long enough to get out of the compound via that exit. Upon the Queen’s command, Specimen 6 made its way to the ruins of the ancient Yautja pyramid where it encountered and fought several combat droids ("synthetics") that guarded the entrance to the pyramid entrance.

Once these were destroyed, Six and several of its siblings were set upon by two Yautja, a hunter and a youngblood, in the ancient arena and a brutal battle ensued. Using stealth and guile, Specimen 6 succeeded in killing both Predators, catching the attention of a Yautja Elite. Six and the Elite fought in single combat, the latter seeming to have the upper hand for most of the fight. With the Yautja weakened, Six was knocked to the ground and played dead, allowing the Elite to get close enough for Six to launch a surprise attack with its tail, impaling the Predator. Collapsed and at Six’s mercy, the Xenomorph removed its helmet as the Elite could only lie there and look away in fear as Six allowed a Facehugger to impregnate the frightened Predator. Six taunts the defeated predator by closely watching on as a new horrifying species is being created and she gives a cry of victory before leaving the Predator to be impregnated (which would later birth the Predalien encountered by another Predator named Dark) and proceed to the caves.

The Hive's Legacy[]

While en route to its destination, Six collapsed as it sensed the death of the Queen (she is killed by the Rookie) via their synaptic link and was subsequently captured by combat droids who, under Weyland’s orders, took Specimen 6 on board a dropship to an orbiting battleship. During the trip, Six tore the crew apart, captured and cocooned Dr. Groves in the wall of its nest while it entered a growth cycle and grew into a Praetorian. After killing the whole crew, Praetorian Six evolved into a Queen.

Behavior and intelligence[]

Specimen Six appears to exibit an unusual amount of intelligence for a Xenomorph throughout the game, for example, managing to cut power cables and smash lights, knowing that the darkness created will conceal her from view. Another indicator of Six's above-average intelligence is shown at the start of the Alien campaign, when the Chestburster that is Specimen Six retreats back into the human and emerges through his mouth in order to escape. During Six's testing in the research lab, Dr Groves also comments that Six's tactic of hissing to lure unwary humans closer is a 'strong indicator of intelligence.' He also remarks on Six's tactics of smashing lights, asking 'a new strategem?' This shows how Specimen Six is seemingly able to plan ahead and formulate new ideas on how to escape certain situations.

Six appears to show normal behaviour for a Xenomorph, serving the Queen and only the Queen. It is, like all Xenomorphs, able to move on any surface, jump and sprint quickly, and travel through small spaces with ease. Although she exibits behaviour normal for a Xenomorph, the fact she becomes the new Queen means that Six potentially could have been a Praetorian, as this would also explain her increased intelligence.