Biological information
Host Predator
Caste Alpha Alien/Premature Queen
Physical description
Height 12'
Distinctions Queen-like headcrest, Yautja's dreadlocks and madibles, light green, less acidic blood, superior strength
Chronological and political information
Status Deceased
Appearances Alien vs. Predator
Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem
Portrayed by Tom Woodruff, Jr.

The Predalien was a hybrid Predator-Alien caste that was responsible for establishing the Xenomorph hive in Gunnison, Colorado. It served as the main antagonist of Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem.



During a ritual Xenomorph hunt in Antarctica, Predator Scar was attacked by a facehugger. After his death in battle fighting a rampaging Xenomorph Queen, alongside Alexa Woods, Scar's fellow hunters took his body on board their waiting Mother Ship and laid him atop a crypt, ignorant of his "infection".

As the Mother Ship left Earth, the infant Predalien erupted from the Predator’s chest. Sneaking aboard a scout ship that detached from the Mother Ship, the Predalien molted as quickly as its Antarctic cousins, moving stealthily past containers holding a bunch of captive facehuggers. Chaos overtook the crew as the Predalien stalked and killed the Predators onboard. Stray bolts fired from a plasma caster ripped into the hull of the ship as it neared Earth, causing the ship to crash down in the town of Gunnison, Colorado. The lone surviving Predator activated a distress signal before its death at the jaws of the Predalien, it and the captive facehuggers then crawled into the woods to find human hosts in order to start their hive.

Re-establishing the HiveEdit

The Predalien and several Xenomorphs spread into the Gunnison County sewers, infecting a camp of homeless people. Encountering a woman, the Predalien knocked a Xenomorph challenger aside. Bypassing the egg-laying and facehugger stage entirely, the Predalien deposited Xenomorph embryos directly down her throat to gestate in her womb. In response to the distress call, The Predator Wolf arrived on Earth in response to to clean up the infestation and cover up any evidence of the Aliens' presence. Setting its fellow Xenomorph underlings against Wolf, the Predalien escaped from the sewers.

Chaos in GunnisonEdit

Moving into the heart of Gunnison, it entered a diner, where it killed the fry cook and implanted embryos in a pregnant waitress. After several more bellybursters were born, the Aliens invaded the hospital. The Predalien entered the maternity wing and deposited more of its young into the pregnant women's wombs. The Aliens secreted hive webbing on the walls, taking victims to the nest to be implanted. Tracking the Predalien to the hospital, Wolf battled with the humans who were seeking to escape in the the hospital’s helicopter. After Wolf was shoved down an elevator shaft, the Predalien stabbed Ricky Howard, with its tail, severely wounding him. It was forced to retreat as Ricky's brother, Dallas, fired at the Predalien with a machine gun.

As a three-way battle broke out between the humans, the Xenomorphs, and Wolf, the Predalien’s Warriors tried to keep the humans from escaping.

The four humans narrowly escaped the blast from a tactical nuclear bomb dropped on Gunnison to contain and cover-up the infestation. Locked in mortal combat, the Predalien, Wolf, the hive, and all the remaining residents of Gunnison were incinerated in the blast.


  • The production crew named the Predalien "Chet" in order to hide its presence in the movie, in case the movie's script was leaked.
  • In early drafts of AVP:R the Predalien had hung the bodies of the Predator crew and used Predator weapons; this was ultimately cut from the film.