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The Newborn Alien

The Newborn, also called the "Newborn Alien" and "Alien Sapien", was a human-Xenomorph hybrid. The Newborn emerged as a byproduct of cloning experiments conducted by scientists of the United Systems Military. Doctors Mason Wren, Gediman and others used the Alien-corrupted DNA samples of Ellen Ripley in an attempt to produce a xenomorph Queen

After seven unsuccessful attempts to differentiate Ellen Ripley's DNA from the developing queen's, a fully formed queen chestburster was removed from the eight (and to all appearances) fully human Ripley clone. Once removed, the Queen continued her normal cycle of laying eggs. Upon her reunion with Ripley 8 (now exhibiting xenomorphic traits) the queen had moved past the egg laying stage and developed a massive womb, Ripley's genetic "gift", according to the maddened Dr. Gediman.

This breed of Xenomorph was the resulting offspring which emerged from the womb. It had a softer skin rather than the chitinous exoskeleton of the other breeds. It also had more Human proportions as well as a slightly Human face with eyes deep in the sockets as well as feral fangs. It also had no sign of a tail, which had likely shrank to the vestigial length of a coccyx. This creature killed the Queen as it found her too different from itself and identified Ripley as its mother.

This creature died when Ripley damaged part of the Betty's window causing the vacuum to suck the Newborn creature to shreds from the small opening.

The creature also showed timidness and a lack of understanding of the world and its surroundings, unusual considering the cunning and stealth typically displayed by xenomorphs. The creature generally displayed a disturbingly childlike demeanor and possessed a cruel innocence, humming tunelessly as it played with its victims' remains. This trait is present in many human children who simply do not yet understand the repercussions of violent actions, such as when they pull the wings off of insects or burn ants with magnifying glasses. However, the creature was capable of using deception to lure its prey into a false sense of security, as evidenced by Call's hestitated confusion when the Newborn mewled and gave a child-like look of innocence. The Newborn then attempted to lunge at her again when she stopped trying to push herself as close to a grate and as far out of reach as possible.


After emerging from the Queen's womb Dr. Gediman said that it was a beautiful butterfly, showing his personal affection for the beast. The Newborn proceeded to talk to the queen through low growls. As sudden as it was surprising, the newborn decapitated the Queen (at this Dr. Gediman looked horrified). It then went over to Ripley 8 and licked her; Gediman, ever the informational support, told the Clone that the Newborn had apparently imprinted her as its mother. When the Newborn heard this explanation it went over to the mad doctor and bit open the top of his skull, likely having only just noticed him. When Annalee Call went to close the back of the Betty she was attacked by the Newborn and in order to survive she slipped into a corner where she was safe, if only barely. Eventually, DiStephano moved back to figure out what's taking Call so long, only to find himself at the brunt of a brutal Newborn skull crushing. After Vriess's unanswered calls to DiStephano, Ripley senses something is wrong and moves back to the cargo area as well, discovering the Newborn holding onto Call. Ripley, utilizing the Newborn's imprintation onto her to her advantage, commands it to put Call down. She then moves over to the monstrosity, embracing it as her offspring, comforting the beast. However, she is using this event to her advantage as well - she purposefully cuts her hand on one of the Newborn's fangs and flings a trace amount of her blood against a thick plexiglas window. As she is a Xenomorphic hybrid herself, her acidic blood corrodes through the window, causing a lack of equalized pressure and dragging everything to the tiny hole that has formed leading out to outer space. Ripley grabs onto something in order to keep from being sucked towards the hole herself, but the Newborn is not so lucky and smashes up against the window. Before long, a tear in the Newborn's body is caused and its guts and eventually the entirety of its form is sucked out the window piece by piece, slowly and excruciatingly killing it. While it is being sucked through the hole in the glass it was reportedly heard screaming the word "Mama" at Ripley 8. During its demise, Ripley expresses to it her remorse for the inevitable outcome.