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Jones the cat
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Jones, (nicknamed "Claude" by members of the Nostromo and "Kitteh" by The People's Admin ILJ69) was a cat, more specifically a ginger tom, kept aboard the USCSS Nostromo. Jones may have been owned by Warrant Officer Ellen Ripley, with whom he shared a cryotube, although Brett was the one who cared for it at first. Jones and Ripley were the only two creatures to survive the Nostromo's invasion by a Xenomorph and the ship's subsequent destruction.


The Intruder[]

Jones was nearly killed by the Alien who had erupted violently from Officer Kane's body after being impregnated by a Facehugger. Jones later came up on the motion tracker made by Ash. Ripley and Parker sent Brett to catch Jones. When Brett finally caught up with Jones in a cargo room, he started to try to coax the cat out to make sure it didn't set off the motion tracker again. Jones noticed the strange silhouette behind Brett and began to hiss. By the time Brett turned around, the creature attacked him and carried him up into the air ducts with Jones witnessing the ordeal. Jones was attacked by the alien when Ripley left him in his cage, but the alien left him alone because he was too small to sustain a host. He was put in cryo-sleep after escaping the Nostromo with Ripley.

57 Years later[]

Ripley and Jones remained in cryostasis for 57 years. The salvage crew that picked them up initially thought the unusual readings from the cryotube was that of an alien life form, but visual inspection revealed to them that they were simply reading the human and feline sets of DNA as one organism. After their recovery, they were reunited in the hospital of Gateway Station by Carter Burke. Jones then went to stay with Ripley at her new apartment. It is unclear what became of Jones after Ripley's assignment to the USS Sulaco.