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Biological information
Host Human
Caste Genetically-altered Drone
Physical description
Chronological and political information
Status Deceased
Portrayed by Tom Woodruff, Jr.

This particular Drone was among one of the many Xenomorphs that were bred by the United Systems Military through the use of the Queen that was extracted from the clone of Ellen Ripley on board the Auriga. It is known to hold a grudge towards USM researcher Jonathan Gediman.


While Dr. Gediman was given the duty to observe the captive Xenomorphs, Gediman begins to taunt the Drone who was snarling at him by playfully baring his teeth at it however the Drone uses its inner jaw to scare him off. The angered Gediman sprays the Drone with nitrogen to "teach it a lesson" and the two came to an understanding about what happens if the button is pushed.

The Drone along with another of its siblings hatched an escape plan by savagely killing its weaker sibling and use its acidic blood to dissolve the enclosure's floor which succeeded and begins to free its fellow siblings, but not before dragging Gediman down with it, it later returns to the enclosure's observation room and freezes a soldier to death by using the nitrogen spray the same way it had "learned" from Gediman. The Drone's fate remains unknown at this point, it was either killed by the Ripley clone, the Betty crewmembers, General Perez, or it perished along with all of its siblings when the Auriga exploded in the Earth's atmosphere.