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300px-H.R. Giger Alien 2
The Alien
Biological information
Host Human
Caste Drone
Physical description
Height 7'
Weight 350 lbs.
Chronological and political information
Status Deceased (Presumably)
Appearances Alien
Portrayed by Bolaji Badejo
Eddie Powell
Roy Scammell

The Alien was the first Xenomorph seen in the films. It was the main antagonist in Alien. It was born from Kane when the latter was impregnated by a facehugger.


Kane was impregnated with the Alien by a facehugger. The Alien embryo eventually matured into a chestburster and burst from Kane, killing him. It then fled into the Nostromo. When it matured into a Drone, it began to kill the ship's crew starting with Brett. It then killed Dallas in the Nostromo's air shafts.

By the time Ripley, Parker and Lambert were the only surviving crew members left, they decided to use the shuttle. While preparing, the Drone snuck up on Lambert and was about to kill her, but was ambushed from behind by Parker. Despite being in excellent condition, Parker was over-powered by the Drone almost instantly. After finishing Parker off, the Drone returned its attention to Lambert and killed her by mutilating her.

It was nearly killed when Ripley set the ship to self-destruct. However, it hid in the escape ship, thinking quickly, Ripley opened the air lock and the Drone was blasted out the door by a grappling gun. The Drone nearly crawled up the ships engines, only to be blasted into space by the engine's exhaust. The Drone managed to wipe out nearly the entire crew before being killed by Ripley.


  • Many fans have given the Alien several nicknames, such as "Kane's son" or "Giger's Alien."